Hydrogen Quality

Hydrogen Quality

March 8, 2023 Uncategorized 0

In BROMEDIR, the new generation of miniature spectrometers will be used to develop sensing platforms, to be demonstrated in 3 diverse application domains: a) sustainable farming, b) fuel quality control and c) hydrogen supply chain quality monitoring.

This post introduces the monitoring of hydrogen supply chain quality use case:

Trace contamination detection of hydrogen is particularly important during production and supply to end-customers. Continuous hydrogen measurement is required a) in feed gas, b) after pre-enrichment, and c) in product gas after electrochemical compression-separation for dynamic process control – as pipeline compositions and supply/demand situations may vary significantly. For all three positions along the hydrogen refining we target the use of the new H2 PTS sensor developed in BROMEDIR. For the Green Deal, a successful technical implementation and a reliable 24/7 operation of the hydrogen supply chain is a key success factor.

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